Rihanna chords and lyrics

Rihanna chords

Pop-music was always really loved by the public - you may hear hits almost from everywhere. But usually pop-star is something permanent. Most of them lose their fame suddenly - the same as they get it. But even among pop-stars there are real singers, who constantly prove their right to be in top. One of them is Rihanna.

Rihanna was born in Barbados and started to sing, when she was 7. Being at school, she cooperated with two other girls and founded musical trio. In 2003 they met American producer, and he set the audition for them, but really valued only Rihanna.

With his help Rihanna composed the demo tape with four songs, and in 2005 it was sent to Jay-Z recording studio. He appreciated the song, but thought, that nobody will remember her after performing. Though when he met her on his own audition, there was no doubt. This year Rihanna moved to the USA. In 2005 she released her first single, and it appeared in Billboart Hot 100 and UK Single Chart. From this time Rihanna became a famous singer, but she was talented not only in the field of music.

Rihanna is also a great actor, and she was filmed in several movies and films. Some of them were quite successful. To add to this, now she is a popular designer and a producer.

As for the music, Rihanna has eight Grammys and many other awards. To add to this, she has sold more than a hundred million copies of her singles, and that's a record.

Rihanna is so talented that she really deserves to be not only loved, but also imitated by her fans. If you think, you are one of them, we may offer you the chords and lyrics of her songs.

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