Ramones chords and lyrics

Ramones chords

A little time ago punk-rock was really popular, but how did it start? One of the first musical rock bands was Ramones.

The title of the group was invented from the nickname taken by all the participants – Ramone. In New York it was associated with Latino American bands. To add to this, Paul McCartney had taken the same nickname in the beginning of the Beatles.

Ramones were a quartet, appeared in 1974 – that year was their first public performance. The year later they started to work with Danny Fields. He understood that Ramones were quite peculiar about not only their music, but also about their style of clothes. Not a single band was brave enough to perform in casual clothes before that time.

In the USA the new band was not so successful as in England. In the UK punk still wasn't well-known as a style of music, and Ramones gave their first album there in 1976.

Ramones were quite extraordinary and wrote songs about different things – about substance abuse as well. This theme was a controversial point, and that's why for a long time it was hard to find tracks about it. But in 1999, three years after the band's breaking up, they were released in one of the albums.

The farewell Ramones' concert was given in 1996. After that the band broke up, and by this time all of them passed away.

The legendary tracks and albums are still popular not only with the older generations, but also with young people. If you're also interested in them, you may find both the chords and lyrics on our website.

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