PJ Harvey guitar chords and lyrics

PJ Harvey chords

Mercury Prize is the annual award, that is given for the best album in Britain and Ireland. Not every great star can say that he or she has it, not even telling about getting it twice and more times. There is only one performer, that is awarded Mercury Prize twice – her name is PJ Harvey.

PJ Harvey started her way in music in 1988 from a vocalist, guitarist and saxophonist positions – she had all these roles in one band! Until 1991 she co-operated with John Parish, but then decided to found her group called PJ Harvey. It was a trio, and all together they released two plates. Then there was a break-up, and Harvey began her own career. From 1995 she made up seven albums, but she didn’t work alone. Every of her plates was composed in a cooperation with different famous artists.

PJ Harvey is highlighted not only by Mercury Prize. She was many times nominated for BRIT Award and Grammy. Moreover, her two plates appeared in Rolling Stone’s 500 the Greatest Albums of All Time. PJ Harvey also got the award for donation to music in 2011 and even was awarded The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

It’s not surprising that PJ Harvey’s oeuvre is interesting not only for listening to, but also for studying the making up and performing legendary songs. If you are reaching some of these goals, we have everything you need – the chords and lyrics. Take it and work out your skills making it more and more virtuosic. You will be able not only to learn new things, but to do it with great pleasure, felling a kind of unity with the idol.

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