Pink Floyd guitar chords and lyrics

Pink Floyd chords

The 1960s and 1970s were famous for lots of popular rock bands, but Pink Floyd was the genuine diamond in the genre. Their sound was whimsical, and the lyrics seemed quite unusual.

Today singers do everything to gain popularity and make money. 60 years ago the situation was different. People interested in similar things, cooperated. With Pink Floyd it was similar. Roger Keith Barrett and Roger Waters studied together, but Nick Mason and Rick Wright joined them a bit later. In 1968 David Gilmour started to help them as he was a friend of Roger.

The Pink Floyd lyrics were special. For instance, in 1967 they released a song called "Arnold Layne". It was telling about the transsexual stealing female clothes from the clotheslines. BBC has prohibited broadcasting "Arnold Layne", but it entered the UK top 20 singles. But the lyric writer of Pink Floyd, Keith was in the habit of taking drugs, and it affected his creativity. The band even offered him not to take part in its concert tours, but to concentrate on writing the lyrics. He didn't like this idea and started his own career, but it can't be called successful.

As for the music of Pink Floyd, it settles in the bottom of your heart while their recording is playing. There's something mysterious, amazing and peaceful in it, so it's not surprising that everyone who can play the guitar, has tried to get chords and become closer to the legend. Somebody says it's even psychedelic in some way and makes you feel strange.

The band was founded in the 1960s, but it became more popular in the 1970s. Such important music albums as "Meddle", "The dark side of the Moon", "Animals" and "The wall" appeared. And "The dark side of the Moon" was sold in 45 million copies - such a great success! But the most significant release was "Another brick in the wall". You can't find a person who didn't hear of it!

Despite the fact that decades have passed since the time when Pink Floyd was popular, even younger generations listen to their songs nowadays. If you are keen on playing the guitar, here you can find the chords and the lyrics for their songs.

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