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Neck Deep chords

Neck Deep: Pioneers of the Modern Pop-Punk Revival

Hailing from the town of Wrexham in North Wales, Neck Deep is a quintessential example of the modern pop-punk renaissance, combining the angsty undertones of classic punk with infectious pop melodies. Their emergence on the musical stage has provided an injection of fresh energy into a genre that has seen waves of evolution since its inception.

Formed in 2012 by Ben Barlow (lead vocals) and Lloyd Roberts (former lead guitar), Neck Deep's initial days were marked by grassroots growth. What began as a simple song uploaded online soon snowballed into a movement, with the band quickly gaining traction among pop-punk aficionados.

Lyrically, Neck Deep doesn't shy away from tackling the complexities of life, love, loss, and everything in-between. Their tracks, like "December" and "In Bloom", resonate deeply with fans, often delving into the bittersweet aspects of youth and growth. It's this raw authenticity combined with their undeniable musical prowess that sets them apart in the pop-punk landscape.

For guitar enthusiasts, the band's discography offers an exhilarating ride. Neck Deep's songs are characterized by their dynamic riffs and vibrant chord progressions. Their tracks, like many in the pop-punk genre, strike a balance between energetic power chords and moments of melodic reflection, offering a range of playing experiences for guitarists of varying skills.

On stage, Neck Deep's presence is electric. Their live performances are a testament to the band's passion and commitment to their craft. Concertgoers can expect a whirlwind of emotion and energy, with mosh pits and crowd-singing being staples of their shows.

From their early days of uploading tracks to the Internet to headlining international tours, Neck Deep's journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of pop-punk. For fans old and new, their music offers a blend of nostalgia and modernity, and for guitarists, their songs provide a rich canvas on which to hone their craft.

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