Miley Cyrus guitar chords and lyrics

Miley Cyrus chords

Singer Miley Ray Cyrus was born in 1992 in the United States. The girl's musical talents were laid from birth โ€” her father, Billy Ray, is a popular country singer. The girl's career began at the age of 8. And her first path was not music, but acting. She even played in the TV series Doc, where her dad also starred. Miley made her film debut two years later in a supporting role in Big Fish.

The real success came to Miley Cyrus at the age of 11, when she was approved for the lead role in Hannah Montana. Initially, she was considered too small for the role, but the singer convinced the producers to take her. As a result, the series became the most popular in Disney history, giving her fame and the opportunity to launch a solo career.

Then Miley Cyrus became a singer, singing the title theme of the series. Subsequently, the singer released an entire album under the Walt Disney Records label. Then, she continued to record singles and act in films, becoming one of the most popular teenagers in the United States. However, all this time, Miley was associated with the audience with Hannah Montana.

To get rid of this image, Breakout was released to rave reviews. In 2010, the shooting of Hannah Montana was completed, and the girl appeared before the public in an updated image. Miley decided to become an adult in the eyes of the audience, and it worked. Cyrus cut her hair short and released the single Wrecking Ball, which has over a billion views on YouTube, so she has become a superstar.

Since then, Miley Cyrus has released 3 studio albums, but none of them has reached the success of the Bangerz record and the Wrecking Ball single. Despite this, the singer is still popular both among her peers, who grew up on the Hannah Montana series, and among the teenage audience. The provocative image of the girl shocks the audience, forcing them to admire her. If you want to join the work of Miley Cyrus, then the chords and lyrics from our site will help you sing your favorite songs of the singer.

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