Michael Jackson guitar chords and lyrics

Michael Jackson chords

Who can you name as the King of Pop Music? Of course, there's nobody except for Michael Jackson. Though he starred in 1972, today everybody knows about him, and we are sure that there is not a one person who hasn't heard Jackson's songs.

Michael Jackson was an outstanding person – he started his music career when he was only 5! The secret is that his whole family was fond of music, and the father united some of his children (they were 6 brothers and 3 sisters) into one musical band. At that time Jackson was too young to join, but later his mother convinced the father that he's really talented. So, from the very childhood Michael was into music. Though his father was quite a dictatorial person, he taught Michael not to give up and perform.

The Jackson 5 (that's the name of the band) became successful – four of their debut singles were in the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Black Singles. But everybody understood that the youngest brother drew the most attention due to his professionalism.

Later Jackson became the first person in history who started his solo career without leaving the band. He was 13 when he released his solo album. And that was only the start! Today he is twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has got 15 Grammys, several world records and has many other awards. Are you interested in his songs from the point of view of performing? Here on our website you can find the chords and lyrics of them. Use them as the source of inspiration or improve your skills to become more professional.

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