Linkin Park guitar chords and lyrics

Linkin Park chords

A lot of children of the 2000s remember how many musical bands were fulfilling our hearts. Some of them were not so popular as the others, but some were really famous. One of those who had a great success was Linkin Park.

Today Linkin Park doesn't exist anymore, but in contrast to many other bands it didn't break up. This collective stopped its engagement only after its vocalist had passed. He committed suicide in 2017 without leaving any notes about the reason. But that’s quite interesting that he did it on his friend’s birthday, who had also committed suicide two months earlier. Chester’s death was unexpected for all the other band’s members.

It’s not a secret that Chester had a problem with drugs. It really didn’t allow him to live freely. In contrast to many other addicts he was able to understand his problem and tried to fight it. His addiction was reflected even in the band's oeuvre. For instance, the song called "Breaking the Habit" tells about Chester's bad habit, and it's interesting to hear this song not only because of that reason. Listening to it you can really feel how overwhelmed with his feeling Chester was.

Linkin Park is also attractive thanks to its unusual mixture of Rap and Rock in the songs. Mike Shinoda was able to rap lyrics really fast and clear, and Chester had the amazing voice and had the talent in growling. Together they are quite peculiar to listen to, and Joe Hahn's arrangement (he was the turntablist) completed the masterpieces.

Many guitar players try to play Linkin Park's chords, and their lyrics are also attractive to sing, and here you can find both of these things. If you'd like to feel like a popular star, you can even try to gather your own musical band.

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