Lewis Capaldi chords and lyrics

Lewis Capaldi chords

It often happens, that in the family where there is a famous person in the field of music, acting or comedy, some time later one more talented person appears. This we may tell you about the actor Peter Capaldi. He is an Oscar and a double BAFTA winner and played many roles, the most important of which was the Twelfth Doctor in the series «Doctor Who».

In 1996 Peter’s nephew was born – his name is Lewis Capaldi. He’s a Scotland singer and the author of the songs.

Lewis’ fame came in 2017, when he himself released the track «Bruises». It took 25 million plays on Spotify, and that was the speed record. After that labels Virgin EMI Records and Capitol Records. This very year a digital single called «Lost on You» was released, and from the very beginning it took the 50th line in the list of the most commercially successful Scotland singles.

A year later Lewis Capaldi composed the second album, consisting of just four songs – «Someone You Loved» was among them. In March 2019 it took the first line in Britain, where the hit has been staying for seven weeks. And in October «Someone You Loved» reached the first position of Billboard Hot 100.

Lewis Capaldi’s career began just five years ago, but now we already know him and his hits as deep and touching. Who knows what the future has in store. But now everything we have to do is just enjoy his hits and maybe try to repeat them ourselves. For that you’ll find everything you need on our website. There are chords and lyrics for songs, and they may help you to practice. Enjoy your time!

Lewis Capaldi Official Site: www.lewiscapaldi.com