Led Zeppelin guitar chords and lyrics

Led Zeppelin chords

One of the most impressive and innovative musical bands in the 1970s was Led Zeppelin. They were founded in 1968, but the first title of the group was The Yardbirds. Then, some years later they got their present title, and there was a little story about it. The case was that two years earlier there has already been the band called Lead Zeppelin, and they failed. Some members of the new band didn't want the same fate, so they decided to change the title.

Though Led Zeppelin was quite a new band, it didn't become the obstacle for the record company called Atlantic Records to give them a giant amount — 200000 dollars. That wasn't for nothing — now we remember Led Zeppelin as the pioneer of heavy-metal and one of remarkable bands playing hard-rock. They had a unique sound and weren't afraid to mix folk and blues with traditional rock. Led Zeppelin's biggest aim was to make something unusual and interesting.

The amount of their sold albums reached 300 million. Seven of all the released albums were in the top of Billboard 200. Nowadays Led Zeppelin takes the first line among 100 the greatest hard-rock artists. They are announced as the best band of 1970s. In 2005 they even had Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Led Zeppelin still has a lot of fans of all the ages. Some younger people would like to play their music themselves. All the necessary information for this (lyrics and chords for the songs) you may find on our website. Use it in your training to become closer to the idols and to practice the skills of singing and playing the guitar.

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