Kylie Minogue chords and lyrics

Kylie Minogue chords

Singers and musical bands usually start their career, wishing to donate to the development of music. But sometimes before making up music they do other kinds of art. For example, the well-known Australian princess of pop-music Kylie Minogue had starred in TV series called “Neighbours”. But that wasn’t enough for her, and in the late 1980s she signed a contract with PWL label. That was a lucky ticket – several of her hits were on the first ten lines of Australian and Britain Charts.

In 1997 Kylie Minogue released her plate “Impossible Princess”, but it wasn’t highly appreciated by the public. Though later this very album was claimed as the most valuable and the most private thing in all her oeuvre.

In 2001 Kylie composed a new plate, thanks for which she became really popular not only in Australia, but also in the USA. And the single “Can’t Get Out of My Head” turned to be one of the most popular and commercially successful songs of all the 2000s. You might also have heard her other hit “All the Lovers”, as it was the other single, that made Kylie popular all over the world.

Kylie Minogue is also known for her medical contributions. In 2005 she has learned about her breast cancer – it was able to cure it, and after that she decided to help women with the same problem.

Kylie is famous for her great influence on music, and that was the reason why in 2008 she was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and the order in arts and literature in France. Three years later she was included into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Kylie Minogue is a real icon and that’s why there are so many of her fans. Some of them even like playing her hits themselves, and we have chords and lyrics for that.

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