Kiss chords and lyrics

Kiss chords

The legendary musical rock bands of 1960th and 1970th were Britain. But some of them appeared in the USA, and their way to fame was a bit different. One of them was Kiss.

Kiss started their musical career in 1973, and these times it was not so easy to draw attention. That's why they decided to really shock the public. Their concerts were genuine show with sound and special effects. For example, Gene Simmons was spitting with fake blood and breathing out fire. They used fireworks and other pyrotechnic effects. Kiss even did peculiar make up for every concert. Every person interested in rock music should remember it — they had white faces and black spots of different shape around their eyes.

Unfortunately, the band's albums weren't selling as good as could be wanted. That's the reason why Kiss were making them one after another. They and their recording company needed something new and unique. The solution was recording live concerts. The first was called "Alive!" and had a great success — it became golden.

The next release was platinum. In 1977 Kiss were concerned to be the most popular band in America. That's a good example of what may happen if you don't give up, when it seems to be useless to continue what you love with all your heart.

If you have the same intentions as once upon a time had Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss, try to develop them and improve your skills. For training you may try to play your favourite musical band's music — obviously you'll need the chords and lyrics of their songs. If you'd like to start with Kiss, you'll find everything you need on our website.

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