Katy Perry chords and lyrics

Katy Perry chords

The career of Katy Perry started in 2008 from the time when the first her plate called "One of the boys" was released. Her single "I kissed a girl" is still the most famous thing of her oeuvre, and it's hard to find a person who hasn't heard it. Katy Perry is the only person whose five singles from one plate were on the first place in Billboard Hot 100.

Her other plates were also quite successful – because of that she was 13 times nominated for a Grammy. Katy Perry is considered to be the woman of the year in 2012. She's the first person who was able to stay in the Billboard Hot 100 for 69 weeks! Today she is among three best artists of the digital century, according to RIAA – The Recording Industry Association of America.

Katy is good not only in singing – she also has made her own perfumes and sometimes voices multiplication characters – for example, Smurfette from the Smurfs had her voice.

As for the genres of Katy's music, it was slowly changing through the albums. "Katy Hudson" (the first unpublished plate) was a pure gospel music, and it was not surprising, because she used to sing in the church choir. But after it she was slowly changing her style into pop music.

Katy Perry became popular from the very release of her first album. She was loved by the audience and became the first Twitter user with 50 million followers (now there are more than 110 million). Her songs are still likely to be heard on the radio, and if you'd like to try to sing it yourself, here you can find the chords and lyrics. Who knows, maybe that'll be only the start of your own career!

Katy Perry Official Site: www.katyperry.com