Kasabian guitar chords and lyrics

Kasabian chords

Every year one of the musical bands is considered as the best contemporary collective. Usually they are some new bands that become a real breakthrough, but that's not always like that. There are even groups which get this award several times. For example, Kasabian got it twice.

Kasabian is the British band that was formed in 1997. They released six albums (from 2004) and got the first Q Awards as the best contemporary band in 2010. Their next Q Awards was given for the best live performance in 2014. These were not the earliest awards they were given – in 2007 NME Awards titled Kasabian as the best concert band.

The idea of making their own music collective appeared when its participants were studying in college. The first EP was invented with the help of Scott Guilbert, and then Kasabian worked with the famous DJ Sam Young, who helped them to sign a contract with BMG. That was the start of Kasabian's career, though they never thanked him for that, as Young says.

From 1997 and to nowadays the participants of the group were changing each others. Today only two of the founders are in the official membership, and the others left the band for some reasons.

As for Kasabian style in music, the specialists say that they were playing indie-rock alternative rock, electronics, electric rock or space rock. These are quite contemporary styles, do we think, you may be a real Kasabian fan. And maybe you'd like to have the same musical career and need to practice singing and playing the guitar? If that's right, we can offer you the chords and lyrics of the tracks for practicing and enjoying your time!

Kasabian Official Site: www.kasabian.co.uk