Justin Bieber chords and lyrics

Justin Bieber chords

Are there any people, who don't know Justin Bieber? Of course, everybody at least heard about him. By this day he sold more than a hundred million copies of his recordings, and in 2016 he even got Grammy for the best dance recording.

Justin was born in London in 1994, but this London is not a very big city in Canada, and his childhood is hard to call happy. His father left the family, and mum needed to work a lot, so she didn't have enough time to spend it with son.

In 2007 Justin took part in the local music contest and was the second. His mum was proud of it and posted that video on YouTube. The boy's popularity started to grow. There he was also noticed by Scooter Brown, who later became his manager. Scooter helped him to get the contract with RBMG, and his debut single "One Time" reached Top 10 in Canada. His first mini album "My World" appeared in Billboard Hot 100, it became golden and platinum.

Justin got the honor to perform for the USA president and his wife Michelle Obama in 2009, and in 2010 he was the representor of Grammy Ceremony. There were many other great recordings and awards in his life.

Bieber also was interested in acting - he played in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and in 2011 the film "Never Say Never" - it was his bibliography.

There are many Justin Bieber's fans, and not all of them want just to listen to his masterpieces. There are some, who want more! Here, on our website you'll find both chords and lyrics for Bieber's chants. Choose any of them and start playing the song, trying to sing like he does it!

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