Judas Priest chords and lyrics

Judas Priest chords

Not so often we meet musical bands which professional career was continuing during fifty years, but Judas Priest is one of them. They appeared in 1969 — in the times of founding Heavy Metal. This collective had a great influence on the developing this genre in music.

What does it mean — Judas Priest, and how did they accept this title? It's not a secret — that time Bib Dylan was popular and his song, called "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest". It was originated from the phrase "Jesus Christ".

In the beginning of Judas Priest's career they played Heavy Metal, but later their music transformed into Hard Rock and even into Grove Metal. Often Judas Priest is associated with pure metal though. They impressed many other bands — such as Van Helen, Arch Enemy and even Children of Bodom. So they really affected the development of rock music.

As for innovations the band had used, they released the first metal album with the sounds of guitar synthesizers in history. So the musical group was in the habit of making up something new — they combined outstanding features of other bands and had impressive results. To add to this the guitarists of the band had really good skills and fresh mind to try new technics.

There are many bands worthy to echo, and Judas Priest is one of them. If you'd like to play their music, you'd need chords and lyrics. You'll find everything you need here, on our website. Use chords and lyrics not only to enjoy your own playing - maybe they'll become the first step in your musical way of life!

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