John Newman chords and lyrics

John Newman chords

There are just few people in musical industry who got famous from the very beginning of their career. One of them was John Newman. In June 2013 he's made his debut single "Love Me Again", which headed the UK Singles Chart. Though it was not the first his experiment - a year earlier he took part in producing one of the Rudimental's hits. It was the cooperation, that became the start of John's popularity.

John found his interest in music, when he was 14. He started to play the guitar and write his own texts. Six years later he moved to London, where founded his own band. In 2014 there was even more successful track - "Blame". It was produced together with Calvin Harris. Honestly saying, Newman cooperated with other artists a lot.

John had to defeat cancer twice - in 2012 and in 2016. He got through two operations, and luckily, they were successful.

John was not the only family member, who was fond of music. His older brother was a singer and a songwriter. Moreover, he won Brit Award and should have represented Britain in Eurovision 2020. Though the contest was cancelled.

His success played him a trick - John claimed that he was constantly comparing himself with the other artists, and that's why he had to visit doctors. So in 2020 he said he terminates his career for some time, but will cooperate with other stars.

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