John Lennon guitar chords and lyrics

John Lennon chords

What's the most impressive and legendary musical band you've ever known about? We are sure, one of the first you remembered is the Beatles. They contributed so much to the development of music and changed its direction.

But the members of the band had quite successful careers on their own also. For example, John Lennon was not only one of the founders of the band, but also a prosperous performer.

John Lennon in his school years was a creative person - he sang in school chorus and made his own newspaper for school. In his 16 John founded the band, called "the Quarrymen" and started to play the guitar here. Later the title of the band turned into the Beatles. It was the period of worldwide fame and touring, but in the late 1960s the relations between the members of the band started to get worse. A while ago John met his future wife, Yoko Ono and started to spend more and more time with her. After the Beatles' break up they began to work together.

John was interested in politics and expressed his opinions in the public performances and in the songs. After leaving the Beatles he started some political actions, which were ended in 1973. Two years later John had his son born and finished his musical career.

Now all we remember John Lennon as the great performer, and there are many fans, which would like to imitate his singing and the manner of playing. If you are one of them, we'd like to offer you chords and lyrics to practice. Enjoy the time of your life and improve your proffesional skills!

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