Imagine Dragons chords and lyrics

Imagine Dragons chords

Imagine Dragons is an American indie rock band which was formed in 2008 by Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tolman. The musicians met at the Mormon University, where they were students. After that, artists moved to Las Vegas — Dan’s homeland. There the group had more chances to have success. ID became famous by accident — in 2009 they acted as a replacement at a local annual festival, and already in 2010 they were invited at the same event as the most in-demand group on radio “107.9 FM”.

The first album by Imagine Dragons was “Night Visions”. It was not liked a lot, but a year later the song “Radioactive” reached the first place on the Billboard Hot 100 list. In 2015 the album “Smoke + Mirrors” was released and also hit several charts. The group's compositions are always filled with a positive meaning. Because of that they stay in the hearts of fans for a long time, regardless of people’s musical preferences. Following the end of their world tour in support of “Smoke + Mirrors”, the band announced a one-year pause.

In 2016 ID released only two singles, one of which was the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack. In 2017 the band released an album with the self-explanatory name “Evolve”. It meant radical change of music style. To many critics, such a move seemed like an attempt to please a mass audience, and not a logical development of their art. Despite this fact, the fans of ID liked the new approach. The “Origins” album continued its innovative path. If you want to join the way of Imagine Dragons, then the chords and lyrics published on our site will help you learn and play the best songs of the band.

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