Guns N' Roses chords and lyrics

Guns N' Roses chords

Usually speaking about the music we get used to segregating it into some periods of time. As a rule, we divide it into 2000s, 1980s, and 1960s. In all of these terms there are many outstanding singers and groups. Nowadays we mostly have single performers, but in the past people cooperated to work together. The same was about Guns N' Roses. They appeared in 1985 in California. The membership of the group has changed many times, but the only person was always the same – it was the vocalist Axl Rose. It seems that his vocal abilities were unlimited, and it’s not only the opinion of a usual listener. No, the most popular American magazine about the music declared that Axl Rose is one of the greatest vocalists of all the times. So, it’s not surprising that Guns N' Roses have sold more than 100 million copies of their albums.

Guns N' Roses have got even a song that emerged in Billboard - it’s also a popular magazine that gives Billboard Music Awards. Very few people and musical bands were awarded. It was the song called “Sweet Child O’Mine”, and in the summer of 1988 it went off two times per hour. The lyrics of this track was also peculiar – it was the letter of Axl Rose to his future wife Erin Everly. To add to this, Guns N' Roses take a kind of another record – the music video of the song “Use Your Illusion II” was one of 15 of the most expensive clips. And it was the only Rock ‘n’ Roll video in this list.

Guns N' Roses were popular not only for their creative work, but also for long delays before the concerts. It was not because of is nature but with the positive aim – for long hours Axl Rose has been preparing, tuning his vocal and relaxing. Only after he had done it Axl could start the performance. If you’d like to feel like a real star, you may try to sing Guns N' Roses songs playing their chords at the same time.

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