Genesis guitar chords and lyrics

Genesis chords

Genesis is one of the Top 30 bands of all the times, and in 2010 they were included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But the way to success wasn't so easy for them. The members of the group included five people. Peter Gabriel was the vocalist, Tony Banks was the keyboardist, Phil Collins was the drummer, Mike Rutherford was the bassist, and Steve Hackett was the guitarist.

All the boys met each other in Charterhouse school. They appeared as a band in 1967. Before that year all of them were the participants of the other groups. Two years later the boys met Jonathan King, who was the graduate of Charterhouse. He worked as a producer. He released the band's first album, and convinced them not to give up, as it wasn't very popular.

In the beginning Genesis played progressive rock. But some years later their style changed. They started to prefer escapist melodies, and that corresponds to how Peter Gabriel behaves on the stage — he's so passionate and theatrical. So now the concerts are not only about the songs — it's a kind of special show.

In 1973 and in 1974 there were two more albums, but after their release there was a split inside the band. Gabriel decided to leave the collective, and Phil Collins became the new vocalist. It was surprising, but the audience appreciated this decision. People like not only lyrics and chords, but also Phil's manner of singing.

In 1979 the usual style of music was replaced by pop-sound. Genesis started to use drum-machine, and Duke in 1980 was the most successful album in the whole history of the band. After that there were some more important albums, but from 1984 until now the participants of the band live on their own. Sometimes they announce about Genesis' reunion, and sometimes they say that it won't happen.

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