Fall Out Boy chords and lyrics

Fall Out Boy chords

Somebody thinks that old good rock is the only type of rock music that can be listened to with great pleasure. But to be honest, contemporary rock also deserves to be remembered. Especially, the rock music of the 2000s. Here we had such a great musical band like Fall Out Boy.

Fall Out Boy is the American rock band, founded in 2001. It consisted of four members, and all of them had started their musical career long before their meeting. But all if them had something in common - they all were fond of pop-punk. They gathered in 2001, but still didn't have a good title. During one of the concerts they asked the audience, what was the appropriate title, and one of the guests offered "Fall Out Boy".

The first album appeared only in 2003, but that was the start of professional career. 2005 was the year of a great hit - it was called "Sugar, We're Going Down". It appeared on the 8 place in Billboard Hot 100. From this very moment the band started to be taken seriously by the recording studios and famous labels.

Fall Out Boy was one of the several bands which contributed in Guinness World Records - they gave 72 interviews in twenty-four hours. Nobody still beat this record, and maybe, no one will do it ever!

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