Elvis Presley guitar chords and lyrics

Elvis Presley chords

Do you know who is declared the rock and roll King? Yes, there is such a rank! You may think it's a nowadays pop stars, but it isn't. The real King of it was popular in the 1950s and the 1960s, and his name was Elvis Aaron Presley. Though he wasn't the first to perform this sort of music, he invented a new kind if it. He was used to mixing blues and country. As the result of it he had the so called rockabilly. After some time he continued experiments having added the elements of gospel, and it really made him famous all over the world.

The next step of Presley's career started in 1968 along with his television concerts. Elvis Presley was among of the few musicians which performances were broadcasting not only in the USA, but also in many countries. The most successful of them was "Aloha from Hawaii".

According to the standards of our century Elvis didn't live very long. He passed when he was 42, but could live longer. Closer to the end of his life he was addicted to the treatment prescribed by his doctors (it helped him to have a rest after the concerts). As the result, Elvis became very suspicious and particular about his lifestyle. For instance, the temperature at his home was quite low, and the windows were covered with foil not to allow the light to get in. Who knows how many more legendary hits he could make out?

Elvis Presley's records are sold in a billion copies, and this makes him one of the most important musicians of all the times. He has been even nominated for Grammy for three times. To add to this he was one of the first people comprised into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

All in all Elvis Presley now isn't forgotten still. In some way he started new traditions in pop music though today it's hardly ever able to hear his songs anywhere. But if you feel like singing his lyrics and playing the chords, nobody will stop you from it. You will find everything you need at this website.

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