Elton John chords and lyrics

Elton John chords

Do you know who is Reginald Kenneth Dwight? Not many people know, but if we tell that it's the real name of Elton John, everybody will understand, who it is. Yes, that's a legendary singer, piano player composer and the representor on the radio.

Elton John is the most commercially successful performer, as he sold more than 300 plates during his career. Nine of his singles got the first line in Britain and in the USA. To add to this, he released seven albums that became number one in the USA in a row. Seven of the plates were on the first places in Billboard 200. Elton has even the single, that was bought more than 33 million times!

As for the awards, of course, John has many of them either. He got five Grammys, two Oscars, two Golden Globes and many other awards. Of course, he is in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 1998 He became the Knight of the UK for being at the service of music and charity. He even took part in some of the kingdom's performances - in the Princess Diana's funeral and in the Queen's anniversaries.

Elton John is well-known not only in the field of music. He also started a charity fund for fighting AIDS. To add to this, in 1988 he claimed that he is a gay, and from this time he also started to support LGBT-community.

His musical career was developing fast - in 1973 he already founded his own recording studio. Though, a year later he returned to the MCA. At this time his concerts started to resemble real scenic shows, and the public's attention was dedicated to it more, than to the songs themselves.

In 1986 Elton had some troubles with his throat - he had to overcome the medical operation, which changed his voice slightly. But he is so genuine, that continued his oeuvre till nowadays. Here, on our website you may find chords and lyrics for his songs look at them more precisely or just to try to perform them yourself.

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