Dua Lipa guitar chords and lyrics

Dua Lipa chords

Speaking about well-known stars in the field of music, we usually imagine they are either American or British. And we don't expect at all, that they may have Slavic roots. It happens not so often, but sometimes they really appear, and one of them is Dua Lipa.

Her parents were from Kosovo Republic, but moved to England in the 1990s. When Dua was 15, she decided to return to London and live with her friends. She wanted to continue musical career and a year later became a model.

In the beginning Dua only made the covers of her favorite songs, but in 2015 released her first singles, the second of which was quite successful. In 2016 she was already touring both in the UK and Europe. And the fifth single meant the start of her popularity in the USA, as it appeared in Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, Dua Lipa worked together with other stars, producing their common songs.

In 2017 at last Dua released her debut album, and one if the singles from took the first place in Britain. It was also among the 10 first lines in several other countries.

Dua Lipa was five times nominated for 2018 Brit Awards, and it was an outstanding fact - nobody before has done it. She took two of them.

Then there was a whole series of cooperations with popular stars, and today Dua is not planning to stop.

Though there were only two albums of her authorship, today everybody knows about Dua Lipa. There are even people, who would like to perform her songs themselves. If you're one of them, we have something interesting for you - guitar chords and lyrics. Take them and feel closer to your musical idol!

Dua Lipa Official Site: www.dualipa.com