Drake chords and lyrics

Drake chords

In the 2000s rap music was really popular with the younger generations. We listened to 50 cent, Eminem and other performers, but nobody took rap seriously โ€“ everybody thought it was entertainment for children only. Today the situation has changed. One of the performers of the new school rap is Drake. He was keen on music since 2006, and four years later he released his first album called "So Far Gone". But before that there were some songs, and two of them were at the same time in the Billboard Top 100. That was unusual enough for the unknown singer.

In his oeuvre Drake is inspired by his favorite performers โ€“ Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and some others. But he has the uniqueness โ€“ though he is doing rap, he also sings in his tracks. As for the content of texts, he talks about fame, wealth and his past relations.

Drake is famous not only for his rap. Before the start of his career Drake has starred in the series called "Degrassi: the next generation". He is also the founder of the recording studio OVO Sound, the clothes designer and the representative of NBA "Toronto Raptors". By the way, there are rumors about his representation of famous sportsmen โ€“ they say that everybody who is supported by Drake, loses. The same happened with Conor McGregor and many other not so very famous sportsmen.

On our website there are many chords and lyrics of Drake's oeuvre โ€“ you can use them for training if you'd like to become a popular star or as entertainment for your free time. Take the lyrics and chords and enjoy your time!

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