Drake Bell guitar chords and lyrics

Drake Bell chords

We know many people who started their musical career and, after having reached success in this field, decided to try themselves in acting. But sometimes it happens vice versa – first the person is a great actor, and then begins to sing, where he also gets high position.

Drake Bell started acting, when he was just a child – at 8 years old. Two years later the boy played in "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise. Later Drake acted mostly in Nickelodeon's shows, series and films. There he has got the award as a favorite TV actor three times in a row.

As for Drake Bell's musical career, it started in 2001. He was taught by a great master of playing the guitar – Roger Daltrey, who was the leader of The Who. The first his song appeared in 2002, and it was for "Amanda's Show". To add to this, Drake composed and sang the soundtrack for "Drake and Josh".

Drake's unusual way in music continued – in 2005 he cooperated with other singers to compose some tracks for popular films, TV shows and series. Singing to them, you may hear something familiar. It's not surprising, as he was impressed by The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Today Drake Bell continues his actor and musician career. He has lots of fans who support him and try to be closer to their icon. If you'd like to play Drake's songs and sing his texts, you can take the chords and lyrics for that here – on our website. Learn the texts by heart, take the guitar and start practicing! We are sure that one day you'll become a real star and, maybe, even greater, than Drake!

Drake Bell Official Site: www.drakebell.com