Dire Straits guitar chords and lyrics

Dire Straits chords

Mostly new musical bands are formed by young teenagers in the age of 15-20. But not all the bands are moving this way. For example, the founders of Dire Straits started their professional musical career when they were 25-28 years old, and in 1977 it seemed too old. But the fact was that they had some financial problems and wanted something new in their life. So, you see that the title of the group reflected their life situation and was a real relief at that harsh time.

Though Dire Straits were formed in the late 1970s, they were a genuine success. The demo tape recording was composed in 1977, and the band members brought it to the local radio station. The DJ appreciated it so much that he translated it. The result was almost immediate - two months later Dire Straits signed their first contract.

A year later Dire Straits released the next album, and it was a real success. "Dire Straits" appeared in top 10 plates in all the European countries.

During their career Dire Straits were developing their music, constantly complicating it. And it was rewarded - 120 million copies were sold all over the world in total, and the most successful album called "Brothers in arms" was sold in 30 million copies. The band was so much appreciated that they were even included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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