Def Leppard guitar chords and lyrics

Def Leppard chords

How could a disabled animal be a prototype for the musical band? Easily, if we are speaking about their title – Def Leppard. The title was originated from a deaf leopard and appeared in the beginning of their career.

Def Leppard was formed in 1977, but their way to fame started in 1980. The first album was successful in the UK – it took the 15th line, but the former fans were disappointed, because they noticed that Def Leppard had tried to draw America's attention. Even AC/DC's producer decided to work with Def Leppard, and it became the great turn in their style of music.

The third Def Leppard's album became a breakthrough, but then their drummer Rick Allen was in a plane crush. He lost his hand, but the band didn't leave him. They were patiently waiting until he learnt to play using his feet. It took very much time and effort, and not every person nowadays would be able not to frustrate, but to change the situation.

In 1988 Def Leppard's reached the first line of Billboard Hot 100. They were even nominated in Brit Awards. And in 1992 they released the album "Adrenalize". It was number one both in Britain and the USA. In 1995 Def Leppard was noted in Guinness World Records as the only band that played in the three continents in one day.

Def Leppard is the band that really deserves to be echoed. That's why they have so many admirers. Do you also want to imitate them? Then you need to know chords and lyrics to be able to play Def Leppard's music. You can find everything you need on our website! Use this information and imagine you are a superstar!

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