Charlie Puth guitar chords and lyrics

Charlie Puth chords

In former times potential singers needed to do very much to become famous - they had to get somewhere money for their songs' promotion, and to reach agreement about it with local radio stations. In the 2000s it was easier to get known.

For example, Charles Puth was born in 1991, and in 2009 he just set up a YouTube channel for his covers of popular songs.

In 2013 Charles graduated from Berklee College of music, and in 2015 he released his first album, though the contract with a label was signed four years earlier. 2015 is the best year in the whole his career - he also releases the soundtrack for "Furious 7" together with Wiz Khalifa, and that becomes a real hit - the song heads Billboard Hot 100 and important British and European charts.

In 2016 Puth released his first album, and two singles in 2017. They are really successful and head the charts all over the world. A year later "Voicetone" is released, and this plate has a great success. Though the first two singles from the next album are not appreciated, so he decides not to include them.

Charles Puth has done not so much for music in general, but he did the most important thing - he composed genuine hits, which are enjoyed by the public. There are many Charles Puth's fans in different countries. Thanks to him, singing in English, they have the chance to try performing them themselves, and you'll find everything needed for that here, on our website. Enjoy your time and do your best for improving your skills, if it is also important for you.

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