Calvin Harris chords and lyrics

Calvin Harris chords

We know countless American singers and performers, but what about the other ones? There are not so many of them, but some really deserve our attention. For example, this we may say about Calvin Harris.

He is from Scotland, and he is one of the several singers, whose very first album became golden. To add to this, its singles appeared on the first ten lines of British chart. The next plate doubled the success and also turned to be golden, even that was not the end! In 2012 his plate "18 Months" was the head of Billboard 200. It had eight singles, and all of them appeared in Top 10 in Britain. That was a record that broke the previous Michael Jackson's record.

Calvin is not against cooperation, and it seems, that it's his real cup of tea! For example, when he worked with Rihanna composing "We Found Love", it became single number one in Billboard Hot 100. And when they filmed a clip for the song, they got Grammy for it! Calvin Harris has got some minor awards also - for instance, he became the first singer with a billion of auditions on Spotify.

Today Calvin Harris is one of the most successful musicians in pop-culture. He is concerned as one of the most powerful people in Britain. From 2013 Forbes claimed that he is the highly-payed DJ. For many years he used to work with several labels, but in 2010 Calvin founded his own one - Fly Eye Records. And that's not just a label - he has a partnership with SONY.

Wanna try to perform Calvin's songs yourself? No problem - we have lyrics and chords for them. You may use them to practice and have some fun!

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