Bob Dylan - Sidewalks, Fences and Walls: chords

C                 A#
A little crooked heart
F         C
drawn in chalk
F                C
on an old brick wall

C         A#
Started writing
F       C
in the heart,
F                 C
that told one and all:

F          C
"Sol love Mary"
   Dm  C/E     F     G11  C
on sidewalks, fences and walls.

Now, the rain
that fell
washed away those hearts
and the childish scrawl

But the love
that've filled those hearts
was big when we were small

And I wrote my love-letters
on sidewalks, fences and walls

F                C
got chalk on my finger
G                C
and chalk on my hand
        Dm          C/E
but somebody wrote across
        F       G        C
all my heart a love so grand
G11            C
so grand, so grand so grand
 C              A#
Now I write my letters
 F            C
with a fancy pen

but my mind goes back to chalk
every now and then
Solomon loved Mary
came straight from from my heart

but just like all the other kids
one day we had to part

Now Mary's married to Billy
but I can recall

Solomon love Mary
Solomon love Mary
Solomon love Mary
on sidewalks, fences,
hey hey hey,
sidewalks, fences and walls.

Yesterday I walked by there
to reminisce again
I saw a child that looked like Mary,
my childhood friend.

She was writing a letter,
a love-letter to the boy of her dreams.
just then her mother walked by,
I knew her, but she didn't know me.

I stood there in a daze
my mind repeating the phrase
Solomon Love Mary
Solomon Love Mary
Solomon Love Mary
on sidewalks, fences,
sidewalks, fences and walls.
I love you and you love me

I wrote it all over the wall
I remember the day
I can remember that day
I remember writing in the heart of the tree,
"I love you and you loved me"
Sidewalks fences and walls



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