Bob Dylan guitar chords and lyrics

Bob Dylan chords

There are not so many stars whom you can consider really important and heavyweight people in the field of pop and rock music. Mostly singers and bands just try to impress their feelings or tell about some important things in their tracks and on the stage. But some of them wish to invent something new and turn the world upside down. One of them is Bob Dylan.

We are sure you know about him and heard the track "Like a Rolling Stone". That was the most significant work of him. Since this song the music of the XX century has changed – new styles have started to form, and the performers have turned to be more open and courageous in reflecting their thoughts.

The most productive years of Bob Dylan's oeuvre were 1960s. Then he was titled as the voice of the generation. Some of Dylan's song even became the anthem of Civil Rights Movement and the Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War. And that was not surprising, as the texts of the songs had some political, social and philosophical character.

Though during his work with music Bib Dylan tried many styles and subgenres, the critics especially pay attention to his talent in literature. That's why he became a real idol of some popular performers – The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Neil Young and others.

Bob Dylan was born in 1941, and he is still continuing his work in music. He is the person who really deserves to be the ethos of younger singers and musical groups. If you'd like to look at Bob Dylan's works more precisely, you'll have everything needed on our website. Here we offer you both the chords and lyrics of his songs.

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