Blur guitar chords and lyrics

Blur chords

Blur was founded in 1988 by vocalist Damon Albarn and guitarist Graham Coxon. The musicians met back in 1980 when they studied at the same school. At that time, they were only 12 years old. Both were interested in music, so they became good friends. This helped them to create a couple of bands, but they were not popular.

After high school, Graham entered a college in London, where he met future Blur bassist Alex James. There he again crossed paths with Damon Albarn, who did not give up trying to create a band. The trio soon ended up in Circus, where they met drummer Dave Rowntree. As a result, the band was assembled.

The guys changed the name of the group to Seymour. After that, they had the first success. They were noticed by Food Records, but one of the terms of the contract was a name change. Thus, Blur was born. In 1991, the debut album, Leisure, was released, and two years later, Modern Life Is Rubbish appeared. Despite gaining an audience, the band lacked a real hit.

The year 1997 came, the group released the album Blur, which had a banger — Song 2, which is still the hallmark of the band. Despite the success, there were many conflicts within the group. Graham Coxon had an alcohol addiction, and Alex James was stricken with star disease. All this resulted in a break in 1999-2000, during which the members took another projects.

As a result of the break, Graham Coxon decided to leave Blur. In 2003, the album Think Tank was released, but the public did not like its sound. There were too few complex guitar parts in the compositions, but the band did not want to look for a new guitarist to replace the departed member. The reunion of the band took place only in 2009 during a concert in Hyde Park.

Then the group released anniversary albums and performed at various concerts. Only in 2015 Blur released a new studio album, The Magic Whip, for the first time in 12 years. After the support tour for the record, the band went on another break and hasn't been active since that. At the same time, Damon Albarn believes that Blur will return to the big stage.

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