Black Sabbath guitar chords and lyrics

Black Sabbath chords

Black Sabbath was founded in 1968 in England, Birmingham. They had a great influence on the development of rock music. Their first album has become the first heavy metal album in the history of this genre. To add to this, it became the foundation for doom metal.

Only real fans of Black Sabbath know that the legendary Ozzy Osbourne was the part of the band. Today we know him as the real icon of rock music. The Beatles and John Lennon were the idols for him.

On their concerts Black Sabbath tried to draw much attention. They used unusual musical instruments and make up. In their music Black Sabbath were talking about "dark" subjects and occult themes. That was quite peculiar for those times.

The first 10 albums were so popular that they were mentioned in the top 10 of the UK Album Charts. It was surprising, but the great success and amount of money didn't change the participants of the band. Of course, each of them bought the house and the car, but that's it.

Many people think that Black Sabbath are retro band. Yes, they appeared in 1968, but were continuing playing until 2006. Moreover, in 2011 they had the reunion — they were performing until 2017.

In 2019 the name of the band was given to the bridge in Birmingham. In Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it was mentioned that in only two years of constant tours Black Sabbath released four fundamental albums for different subgenres of rock music.

Black Sabbath were loved by the public not only for their unique style, but also for lyrics. Try to play their chords and sing their lyrics, and you'll feel that it's a great joy to perform!

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