Birdy guitar chords and lyrics

Birdy chords

We all know, that some popular singers become famous in the very beginning of their career. But sometimes even the first hit becomes the greatest in the whole career!

The same happened to Birdy. It is the name of a popular young performer Jasmine van den Bogaerde. She was born in 1996 in Britain, and her mum was a pianist. So Jasmin was interested in it and started to play piano herself, when she was 7. A year later Jasmin began to compose songs. And how did Jasmin turn into Birdy? That's simply explained - it was her childhood nickname, invented by her parents.

Birdy got well-known, when she was 12. In 2008 she won the musical contest "Open Mic UK". This helped her understand, what she wants to do in the future - to do music! After the winning she signed a contract with 14th Floor Records.

In 2011 Birdy released her first single "Skinny Love". In was the cover version of one of Bon Iver's songs. There were some more remixes and covers in her career. Even the first plate contained some covers. In the second album there were only unique compositions.

Birdy is an unusual singer, a kind of which we see not so often. She doesn't just sing - at the same time she plays the piano, and that's why she is a unique performer.

Wanna try to perform Birdy's songs yourself? Here you'll find everything you need - the chords and lyrics for her hits. Use them to practice you skills in playing the guitar and singing songs. It may be a great entertainment for some meetings with friends or just a way to spend time well.

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