Billy Talent guitar chords and lyrics

Billy Talent chords

If you think that most of the talented musical individual rock performers and bands can be referred to the 1960s, you are mistaken. There were also new important collectives and singers in the 1990s, and one of them was Billy Talent. Despite the title seems to be the real name if the person, it's not truth. Billy Talent is the Canadian rock band which was formed in 1993, and the first its title was Pezz. Though it wasn't very successful as the musical group with the same title had already existed. So the band was forced to change the name in order not to pay the fee of five thousand dollars. So they decided to choose the present name after the hero of the boys' favorite book called Hard Core Logo.

The first Billy Talent's works were quite good, buy they couldn't be counted as a breakthrough. But in 2001 the band released the track called "Try Honesty". It drew attention not only of the listeners, but also of sound companies. As the result the band signed a contract with Warner Music and Atlantic Records.

It was followed by the release of the well-known album "Billy Talent", but the next plate "Billy Talent II" was a real high-flyer. It became twice platinum and only for one week it was sold in 48 thousand copies.

In Billy Talent's tracks there is a good combination of pop-punk, deep philosophical ideas and unique sounding. That's a great example of how the music should be done. Want to get acquainted with popular tracks, their chords and lyrics to try to perform the songs on your own? Here on our website you can find everything needed.

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