Billy Idol guitar chords and lyrics

Billy Idol chords

When punk has been just in the process of forming as the style of music, there were many people, whose attention was captured. It’s not surprising, as something new is always interesting, though not accepted for some time. Billy Idol was one of those dreamers wishing to join something new and gripping. Do you think that the nickname “Idol” is a sign of his vanity? You’re mistaken! In his childhood the chemistry teacher called him an idle, and that was the reason.

As for Billy’s professional career, he started it when he was in the university. First, he was a guitarist in the local band, but soon he and his friend Tony James decided to found their own group called Generation X. But in 1981 Billy begins his own career.

As in his past Billy was used to perform and had some experience, he turned to be well-known quite soon. The most commercially successful and recognizable hits refer to the early 1980s – from 1982 to 1984. Moreover, the most popular song, called “White Wedding” is from his very first album.

Billy Idol was interested not only in music, but also in acting. Of course, in the 1980s he didn’t have enough time for that, but in 1991 he starred in “The Doors”. There were three more films with him, and it’s the proof that a talented person is talented in everything.

Do you want to be closer to your favorite performer? Or are you studying to play the guitar and need some good chords to practice? We have not only chords, but also lyrics for Idol’s songs – use them and take the chance to work with pleasure.

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