Billie Eilish guitar chords and lyrics

Billie Eilish chords

How many people do you know, who won five Grammys in one year? Of course, we remember Christopher Cross, who did it in 1981, but who else? It seems, that it won't be like this again, but in 2020 Billie Eilish did it!

She was born in a quite unusual family, where parents wanted to spend more time with children, and that's why they didn't have to go to school. On the contrary, they encouraged children to do what they wanted. Billie's older brother was fond of music and already had his own band, and Billie composed her first song, when she was 12. A year later she already worked with her brother Finneas, who helped her write the lyrics and produce the songs.

He also helped her become more famous and get acquainted to "important" people to develop her future career.

Billie Eilish had her personal style not only in music, but also in clothes. At the start of her career she found a stylist, who thought it over. That's a combination of bright baggy clothes with prints and different signs with unusual hair color. Billie says, she feels comfortable, wearing this kind of clothes, and can't imagine be like the others.

Apart from five Grammys in a year Billie had other awards. In 2022 she won Oscar for "No Time to Die", written especially for the film. She was the first person, born in the XXI century, who headed Billboard Top 100! By the way, now she has 7 Grammys - two of them were got in 2021. Eilish is in the list of a hundred the most important people of 2021. Want to be closer to her? Take our chords and lyrics to sing and play the guitar!

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