Bad Religion chords and lyrics

Bad Religion chords

How do the bands usually develop their professional career? First, they join together and think, what they want to do. Then they mostly make the first steps in composing music, and only after that they sign a contract with some recording studio. But it depends – in some cases studios make the offers themselves without being sure in a commercial success.

But can you imagine that the musical band invents its own studio to work with in the future? It seems to be nonsense, as only well-known performers do it for their tape recordings to be released only there. But Bad Religion had done this before they became famous. They founded a label Epitaph Records that turned to be a professional one in the future.

As for Bad Religion’s oeuvre, you might have heard about them, as they composed the plate, that’s now claimed as the high standard of hardcore-punk. Though when it had been released, the public didn’t appreciate it. Bad Religion used synthesizer, and that wasn’t typical for punk at that time. The arrangement was also unusual for punk. Finally, in 1987 Bad Religion’s high time has come. Their plate “Suffer” was released and highly admired in the sphere of punk music.

The other band’s albums happened to be not so popular, but were helping the members to stay together and develop until 2013 – there they decided to stop. Though for the group’s fans there was good news – that wasn’t the last album, as they released a new plate in 2019. Now Bad Religion may be working out new chords and lyrics. If you’d like to look closer at their previous masterpieces, we offer you both chords and lyrics for them.

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