Avril Lavigne guitar chords and lyrics

Avril Lavigne chords

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian pop singer who starred in 2002. She was quite young – she was born in 1984. In 2002 her album called "Let go" was released. Though it was the first album, it had a great success – 16 million copies were sold around the world. The next two plates were also popular – they were included in Billboard 200. Five of her songs were at the upper lines of different charts – Avril Lavigne's name became well-known. Looking at 2000s, she took the 10th place among all the singers and musical bands.

It seems that Avril Lavigne's fame ended somewhere in the 2000s. Is it really so? Of course, not, because in 2019 she released her 6th plate. Not only that – during these two decades she is into design, starring in some films and voicing cartoons' characters. She's also making some clothes and perfume.

There are many rumors about "the princess of pop punk". Some of them say that she ended with suicide, but the producers didn't want to lose potential money of her success. It is even possible to indicate her doppelganger – but that's only a rumor. Some say that she had to tackle lyme disease, and that's why she suddenly disappeared from the TV. Avril Lavigne confirms this information.

All in all, her singles are still in our memories and her popularity is quite deserved. If you'd like to remember the past and try to play and sing Lavigne's songs, you may find everything you need here – the chords and lyrics. Learn them and start! We are sure that you can become a real pop star, but everybody needs something to start.

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