Ava Max guitar chords and lyrics

Ava Max chords

Usually we hear about musical stars, which are quite young. And some people may think – how does it happen and, how did they have so much time to reach that high position? Of course, to become a great star one should feel the interest to music in the very childhood.

If we talk about Ava Max, for example, she started doing music, when she was 8. In this period she and her family moved to Virginia, and she began taking part in local musical contests. When Ava was 14, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles to continue the girl's career. Unfortunately, she got rejected all the time, as she was underage. That's why Ava began writing songs.

At seventeen Ava's brother became her producer. The debut album was released in 2013, but it wasn't successful. Later she met the American producer Cirkut, and together they released the first Ava's hit, called "Anyone but you". This year she signed the contract with Atlantic Records. Later Ava confessed, that Cirkut became the only reason why she didn't give up.

In 2018 Ava released "Sweet but Psycho", and that was her lucky number in the lottery of musical industry. It got the first line in 22 countries.

By this day Ava has several awards – MTV Europe Music Award and MTV Video Play Award among them. There are loads of Ava Max's oeuvre, and some people even try to imitate her singing. We may help! We offer you both chords and lyrics for Ava's hits – choose and start performing! You'll need only the right mood, the guitar and the real wish to perform.

Ava Max Official Site: www.avamax.com