Andrew Belle chords and lyrics

Andrew Belle chords

Usually young singers start their musical career, when they are still at school, and sometimes - in a university. Andrew Belle is an exception. He started doing music, when he was 22 and finished his college education. In the beginning he just performed on different stages in Chicago as a solo singer.

In 2008 he released his first EP. EP (extended play) is just like any other studio plate, but it has fewer tapes.

In 2010 Andrew Belle released his first full-sized album. Since that time his songs have sounded in some series. For some TV shows he wrote music especially.

In 2013 one more plate was born, and the style here was quite controversial. The texts were about conversations with God and his relations with his girlfriend at the same time. So the main point there was his own life experience.

In 2016 Andrew is becoming to be noticed by the critics. During this period he also highlights, that the most of his attention is dedicated to the lyrics itself. He says, he doesn't tell about anything he didn't experience himself.

By 2019 Andrew Belle's oeuvre is almost stopped. The reason is quite simple - he has a daughter and very little time, so he just isn't able to do it.

Still Andrew Belle's songs are popular a lot, and there are many fans, who would like to try playing and singing his songs themselves. Would you like to do the same? Here, on our website, you will find both the chords and lyrics to do it. Use this information to improve your skills and just have a great time with close friends!

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