Aly & AJ - I Am One of Them: chords

  Gm         D#
I get in the car
          A#      F
Another tragic disaster
        Gm          D#
But I'm safe where I am
     A#         F
Yet another is captured
The traffic is stopped
D#               F
People just stare
 Cm                     D#
Another alert does the kids have a prayer
Cm       F
Life is not fair

D#           F               Gm
Its hard to look outside my door
D#            F                Gm
With all the news reports and more
D#           F              Gm
Yet I would do my part and stay alert
D#           F              Gm
For all the kids out there who are getting hurt
D#        F            Gm
It could have happened to me
D#       F         Gm
Can you make me believe
D#          F      A#
This could have a happy end
D#   F
Cuz' I
am one of them

I try to grow up, but I am chased by my fears
It could happen to me and I worry in tears
Reports of the girl making me scared (Scared)
Led off to die
And why was I spared?
Life is not fair


I am one of them, am one of them
I am one of them, am one of them
I am one of them, am one of them
I wish I could bring back all of them



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