Alice Phoebe Lou - Shine: chords

D            D7       Gmaj7      A           Gmaj7
Isn’t it so lovely to be in each others dreams
                      A        Gmaj7 A7 D
We’re in each others futures too
D             D7               Gmaj7
Take me to a new home I’d like nothing more
         A              Gmaj7
Than to make it with you
                      A           Gmaj7
Let’s go inside and close our door
     A7              D
And stay in bed all morning
              D7        Gmaj7
I have had a vision of paradise
And you’re playing the piano there
                  Gmaj7     D
A little boy with curly hair

You take me in your arms with that look in your eyes
That tells me that you're coming to me
Tells me that you're staying
That it's not only a dream we're in
Tells me that we're under no spell
That this is just the way we feel
But this is just the way
This is just the way we feel

Seeing you in the morning is a motivation
It really gets me going
It makes me wanna shine
Makes me wanna be yours
Makes me wanna be mine



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