Alice Phoebe Lou - Lately: chords

A#        Dm       Gm        Cm
I find it hard to let myself be
      A#             Dm      Gm       Cm
Been trying far too hard to make you see
              A#      Dm
What I’ve got going on
   Gm                Cm
So you can make your mind up
        A#           Dm
If you show me your cards
      Gm            Cm
I’ll stop being the fool

       A# Dm     Gm             Cm          A# Dm
Cause lately it feels like I’m driving you crazy
    Gm            Cm        A#       Dm
And I’m not sure that it’s the good kind
        Gm          Cm             A#    Dm  Gm
Do you wanna let me in on what it feels like to
look at me

I wanna believe that I'm more than you seem to see
Surely, I could be so much more to you, baby
But lately, I've been driving you crazy
But will I always
And sometimes, I wonder how you speak of me
When I'm not there
And you can say whatever you please
Do you say anything 'bout how I make you feel?
'Cause I'd love to know

'Cause lately, it feels like I'm driving you crazy
And I'm not sure that it's the good kind
Do you wanna let me in on what it feels like to
look at me?



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