Adele chords and lyrics

Adele chords

In 2008 the British singer and songwriter Adele went down in history thanks for debut album called “19”. She was recognized as one of the amazing voices of pop music. But don’t forget – it’s her first album! Her career has just started! But today we admit her as one of the successful and well-paid female musicians of our time.

Of course, it couldn’t be like that without good education. She graduated from The London School for Performing Arts & Technology (here also Amy Winehouse studied), and it was a good start for the career. Adele is famous for unique vocal. It’s strong and skillful, you may feel it not only in hits like “Skyfall” or “Rolling in the Deep”. In Adele’s discography there are relaxing tracks, but her voice is so unusual, you can’t be mistaken recognizing her if you hear it.

As for song’s lyrics, you may see there is an inner sense. The words are similar to the other songwriter’s oeuvre, but their source is special. The majority of lyrics are based on Adele’s relationships with her boyfriends. For example, she had a quarrel with a boyfriend, and it resulted in appearing her song called “Chasing the Pavements”. Personal experience is the reason of her natural singing.

The result of combination of her powerful voice and the sincerity of performing was unpredictable. In 2009 Adele got her Grammy for the best album of the year, but it’s only the beginning. By this time, she has got 15 Grammies and a lot of awards. She was even awarded Oscar and Golden Globe Award for “Skyfall”. It was a great track and the main theme of James Bond film. She’s appeared in The Guinness Book of Records, and she’s done it 3 times! As she is British, you may think she should have got a reward in this country. You’re right – Adele was awarded The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

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