AC/DC - Satellite Blues: chords

A                            D G/D D G/D
She make the place a-jumping
D                      G/A A G/A
The way she move around
She like a romp and rolling
That's why she get it out
And when she start a-rocking
She bring me to the boil
She like to give it out some

D              G/A A G/A A
New satellite blues
   G/A  A     D  G/D D G/D D G/D
(new satellite blues)
 D   G/D  G/A   A G/A A
New satellite blues
   G/A  A     D  G/D D G/D D G C G C G
(new satellite blues)

A picture clear for watching
The dish is running hot
The box is set for pumping
She gonna take the lot
The way she get the butt in
She's getting set to ball
I like to chew it up some

Chorus - x2

G      C      G   C    G
Can't get nothing on the dial
C              G    C    G
The friggin' thing gone wild
    C         G     C   G    D
All I get's the dumbed-down news
New satellite blues

Chorus - x2

This thing nothing but a load of crap
I'm gonna send it right back
You can stick it where it hurts, Mac
Oh yeah
I got new the satellite blues



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