ABBA - Crazy World: chords

C#                 D#
I was out for the morning sun
          Cm7                   Fm
Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd take a walk
C#                 D#
I was thinking of you and me
      Cm7                       Fm
And I went to your house 'cos I had to talk

I could hardly believe my eyes
When I saw this guy closing your front door
Had a feeling of emptiness
Like I've never had before

Fm             A#m
And I close my eyes
D#                  G#
Will you leave me, girl?
F         A#m
And I realise
D#            G#
It's a crazy world

As he disappeared in his car
I was stunned and I didn't know what to do
Everything I had ever been
Everything in my life's a part of you
And I just couldn't move my feet
So I stood on the pavement as you came out
You acted as you didn't know
What it was all about


D#                  G#
Baby how could you do it
D#                G#
You just told me lies
        C#              Fm              D#
Had you been behind my back with other guys?
D#                  G#
Baby how could you tell me
C#              G#
There was only me
       C#         A#m
I was stupid to believe you
       Fm              D#
I was blind but now I see

Then you smiled and you took my hand
"There is something," you said,
"that you may not know
There's a couple of men in my life
And one of them is my brother Joe
He's been gone for a long, long time
But he's back and I think he's going to stay
You'll be seeing a lot of him
He's so nice in every way"

Chorus - x3



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