5 Seconds of Summer - Best Friend: chords

C#m                       A
Even every time that I'm mad at you
        F#m               B
I would, still bury that body for you
        C#m                    A
I would, take a shovel dig it six feet under
F#m                      B
Swear to God I wouldn't tell another

Even every time that you got the flu
I'm not scared at all to get close to you
I don't run away when your face says, "Achoo"
But I run to get you a tissue

C#m                A
I don't count the days
F#m            B
Most people I hate
        C#m      A
You're my best friend
F#m           B            C#m   A
No I didn't stutter 'til the day end
         F#m             B
Through heaven and high water
 C#m  A
    F#m             B
It kills me not to tell you
          C#m    A
You're my best friend
   F#m        B
my, my best friend

Remember when your parents went out of town?
They were dumb enough to leave us with the house
We had a hundred people naked on the sofa
Dancing till the cops said, "Game over"

Turns out that it was Jerry's dad
So we did shots while we rode in the back
He'd even let us all use the siren
It was the best night, I'm not lyin'

I don't count the days
Most people I hate


Most people I hate
(Hate, hate, hate, hate)


Ooh, ooh
You're my best friend
Ooh, ooh
You're my best friend



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